June 15, 2024

Rohan Mustafa, the all-rounder of the UAE cricket team, has become a subject of ridicule on social media. Nepali cricket fans have been creating memes and trolls about Mustafa ever since he took Nepal’s first wicket in the ACC Premier Cup held at Kirtipur International Cricket Ground on Tuesday.

During the final match on Tuesday, Mustafa came to bowl the second over and took the wicket of Nepali opener batsman Kushal Bhurtel in his second ball. Mustafa celebrated by lying down on the field when the Nepali team scored only one run after taking the first wicket.

Unfortunately, UAE lost the match by seven wickets to Nepal, who secured a place in the Asia Cup starting from September 2. The Nepali cricket team has been selected for the Asia Cup cricket for the first time, and its supporters are eagerly waiting for the matches against India and Pakistan.

Mustafa’s photo has been cut and shared on social media by placing it on Emirates Airlines, bus doors, beds, etc. He has become a topic of discussion among Nepali cricket fans for some time now, especially after his dispute with Nepali bowler Sandeep Lamichhane during World Cup Cricket League 2. Mustafa even posted about the subject on Instagram.

Furthermore, a video of Nepali supporters mocking him during League 2 by saying ‘Pepsi worth ten rupees, Mustafa Bhai is sexy’ is also popular on social media. Mustafa has been posting on social media about this reference. Lately, he has also started making TikTok videos on Nepali songs to connect with Nepali fans.

It’s not clear how Mustafa will react to the trolling, but it’s clear that his on-field performance has garnered attention from Nepali cricket fans. The memes and trolls may seem like harmless fun, but they can also be hurtful to the player. Hopefully, fans will remember that and be respectful towards all players, regardless of which team they are on.

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