June 15, 2024
scotland cricket team

On Tuesday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) will present the ICC World Cricket League-2 trophy to Scotland, the champion of the tournament, in Nepal. The Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) has confirmed that a representative of the ICC will bring the trophy to Nepal, where it will be presented to Scotland after their match against Nepal.

The ICC World Cup League-2 began in 2019 and featured seven countries competing in a total of 36 games. Each team played a triangular ODI series and played six matches against one team. Scotland emerged as the winner of the tournament after beating Namibia by 10 wickets with three matches remaining.

Scotland has 48 points from 34 matches with 23 wins and 9 losses, making them the top-ranked team. They will play their last match in League-2 against Nepal on Tuesday. Oman, the first team to win all 36 matches in League-2, and USA are the other two teams to complete 36 matches. Oman is second with 44 points from 36 matches with 21 wins and 13 losses.

Both Scotland and Oman have qualified directly for the ICC ODI World Cup qualifiers in Zimbabwe in July. The remaining three teams, Nepal, UAE, and Namibia, will compete for a chance to play in the World Cup qualifiers. The bottom four teams will have to play in the playoff qualifiers in Namibia in March and April, with the top two teams qualifying for the one-day qualifiers.

PIC : Scotland Cricket ,by ICC

Namibia is currently in third place with 37 points from 33 matches with 18 wins and 14 losses. The UAE is fifth with 27 points from 26 matches with 12 wins and 11 losses. Nepal is in fifth place with 11 wins and 14 losses in 27 matches. Papua New Guinea is at the bottom with 2 wins and 25 losses in 28 matches.

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