June 15, 2024

In a remarkable turn of events, Samikshya Poudel has made history by becoming the first-ever lady owner of a franchise team in the Pokhara University Cricket Club (PUCC) leagues. PUCC organizes two leagues, namely the Pokhara University Cricket League (PUCL) and the Women’s Pokhara University Cricket League (WPUCL). With the commencement of the third season of WPUCL on the 14th of Jestha, Gandaki Strikers, one of the franchise teams, has announced Miss Samikshya Poudel as its new owner.

Gandaki Strikers, founded by Ramin Ghimire, has witnessed his tenure as the team’s manager and owner in different seasons. However, after reaching the finale of WPUCL Season 2, Ghimire declared his retirement and expressed his intention to provide opportunities to new faces as the team’s manager and owner.

The announcement of Miss Samikshya Poudel as the new owner of Gandaki Strikers marks a significant milestone. Her appointment as the sole lady owner of any franchise team in both PUCL and WPUCL has created history. This progressive move showcases the growing inclusivity and empowerment of women in the realm of cricket, opening doors for more female representation in leadership roles.

Samikshya Poudel’s entry into the world of franchise ownership brings a fresh perspective and sets a precedent for other women to follow their aspirations in cricket administration. Her appointment reflects the recognition of her skills, passion, and dedication to the sport, breaking traditional barriers and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

As the third season of WPUCL gets underway, all eyes will be on Gandaki Strikers and their new lady owner, Samikshya Poudel. The cricket fraternity eagerly anticipates the positive impact her leadership will bring to the team and the league as a whole. With her appointment, women’s participation and influence in cricket continue to soar, reinforcing the belief that the sport is not limited by gender but rather thrives on talent and passion.

The PUCC leagues have undoubtedly taken a progressive step forward by embracing diversity and paving the way for more women to take on influential roles in cricket. Samikshya Poudel’s journey as the first-ever lady owner serves as an inspiration for aspiring women in the cricketing community and beyond, underscoring the limitless potential and possibilities that lie ahead.

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