June 15, 2024
League two Cricket: Nepal's dramatic draw with the United States

Nepal is uncertain about not getting a flight ticket to Canada ahead of the ICC World Cup League-2 series in Scotland.

The Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) had stated that Nepal would visit Canada for two T20I and two ODI practice matches. But the one-day game series is also in a dilemma as it is certain that the T20I will not be on time after the visa was delayed.

According to the schedule, Nepal was scheduled to leave for Canada on Saturday. But so far, not only the team announcement but also the tour of Nepal has become uncertain. CAN manager Binod Das said that it was certain that the T20I would not be held on time.

“We started the process a month and a half ago to visit Canada for the cricketing tour. Due to Ukraine, our visa process was delayed. After receiving no response, we received the news that the visa had been confirmed only four days ago with the help of the Nepalese Embassy in India for 15 days, ”said Das.

He added, “After that when we were not trying to get a ticket, we had to visit again on another date.” That depends on the ticket. We had to confirm the visa a week before the flight for our old ticket. We initially had to cancel the ticket we had booked for June 26 because the visa was not confirmed. ‘

Earlier, CAN had booked a ticket for Saturday, but the ticket was canceled due to the unavailability of a visa in time. Now that the visa has been confirmed, he has not received a new ticket.

“We have coordinated with the Canada Cricket Board and our local organizers( Nepalese Canadian Cricket Society ). That depends on the ticket. That T20I game will not be on time. There could be two or three ODIs, ”said Das. Das said that he would go as soon as he got the ticket.

Scotland, Nepal, and Namibia will be in the ICC World Cup League-2 triangular series. A visit to Scotland will be very important in the World Cup League-2. Nepal is in the fifth position with 15 points with 7 wins and 8 losses in 16 games. The series against Scotland will start on July 27. The one-day match against Canada is scheduled to start on July 8.

July 20 (July 4) – Canada’s first ODI against Nepal

July 21 (July 5) – Canada’s second ODI against Nepal

Nepal’s game schedule in the Scotland tour

July 27 (July 11) – Nepal against Namibia

July 29 (July 13) – Nepal against Scotland

July 12 (July 16) – Namibia against Nepal

July 1 (July 17) – Scotland against Nepal

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