June 15, 2024

Chitwan District Cricket Association (CAC) has honored Pratik Shrestha with the Player of the Year award for his outstanding performance in the year 2079. Pratik Shrestha is a young batsman from Chitwan district who has been making waves in the cricketing world with his exceptional skills.

The award was presented to Shrestha by the CAC, who also provided cricket game materials worth over 50,000 as part of the award. The former Chitwan player Meghnath Upadhyay also played a key role in making this award possible.

Acting President of Chitwan Cricket Association Sudip Piya expressed his happiness at the achievement of Pratik Shrestha and praised his performance on the field. Piya also said that the association is committed to encouraging the best performing players from the district.

Pratik Shrestha has been performing exceptionally well, whether playing for the Chitwan team or playing for the Bagmati region. This award recognizes his hard work and dedication to the sport, and is a testament to his skills and abilities.

The CAC is dedicated to promoting and encouraging cricket in the Chitwan district and providing opportunities for young players to showcase their talent. The award given to Pratik Shrestha is just one of the many initiatives undertaken by the association to recognize and encourage talented players in the region.

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