June 15, 2024

Brett Lee, one of the best middle fast bowlers in world cricket, has arrived in Nepal. It is understood that he arrived in Nepal as the ambassador of the Nepal T20 League.

CAN’s general manager Britant Khanal has released a picture of Lee being welcomed at the Tribhuvan International Airport on his social media. But till the time of preparing this news, CAN has not given any official information about it. Although there was already talk about Lee coming, when asked by the media, CAN say that he would announce it all at once.

CAN did not give any answer when asked about Lee’s arrival, with the assumption that the event will be of interest to ordinary supporters as well. But the general manager wrote on his Facebook that his dream has come true as a supporter. He also thanked CAN


It is understood that Lee came to Nepal as the ambassador of Nepal T20. CAN has prepared to hold a program about this in a few days. There is a lack of coordination within CAN because the employees personally use the matter that CAN itself has been asked to make public in a formal announcement, saying that CAN itself will keep it very secret.

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