June 15, 2024

Rumors have been circulating that the Asia Cup 2023 may be canceled due to the ongoing dispute regarding the tournament’s venue. However, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has denied these reports and stated that they have not yet made any decision regarding the event.

The controversy surrounding the tournament began when the Asian Cricket Council President Jai Shah announced that the tournament would be held at a neutral venue. He cited concerns regarding the safety of the Indian team in Pakistan as the reason for this decision.

However, Pakistan has since agreed to hold the match with India at a neutral venue. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) introduced a hybrid model in which Pakistan would play all its matches at home, while India would play their matches in UAE, Dubai, Oman, or Sri Lanka.

Despite this, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) reportedly plans to hold a five-nation tournament during the Asia Cup window. The BCCI is said to be unhappy with the hybrid model and wants to shift the entire tournament to the UAE.

However, the ACC has ruled out any parallel tournament in Dubai where the five countries would face each other. ACC sources have stated that they have not sent any such proposal to member states.

According to media reports, the invitation was sent to the Indian team with assurances of high-quality security and a good reception in the last official exchange of mail between the PCB, ACC, and BCCI. However, given the current sensitive political climate, it is difficult for India to visit Pakistan.

If the Asia Cup is canceled, it will not only affect Pakistan’s participation in the World Cup but also the PCB’s FTP calendar and bilateral ties with Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, or Bangladesh, sources said.

Nepal is also close to qualifying for the Asia Cup. If Nepal defeats UAE on Tuesday, it will play in the Asia Cup for the first time.

The ACC president (Jai Shah) has not yet made a decision regarding the Asia Cup 2023. If the event is canceled, an executive board meeting will need to be convened. The ACC sources have stated that Shah can call a meeting within seven days if necessary.

The ongoing dispute regarding the tournament’s venue has caused uncertainty and speculation, but the ACC has assured fans that they will update them on any developments. As of now, the Asia Cup 2023 has not been canceled, and preparations for the event are ongoing.

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