June 15, 2024

Antim Thapa is a well-known name for those who are interested in cricket in his region. Thapa made his international debut in the under-17 age group match in the 2004 Asia Cup held in India and has played dozens of matches for the country both at home and abroad. In 2008, Thapa succeeded in being part of the Nepali team for the Under-19 World Cup tournament, which was a significant achievement for the 17-year-old player from Bhairahawa.

Thapa grew up in Belhia Ward No.1 of Bhairahawa, the main business center of West Terai. His father, Jang Bahadur Thapa, was a cricket coach in the area, and his mother, Usha Thapa, gave him the name Antim because he was their last child. Thapa was interested in sports as well as reading and writing, and he developed a passion for cricket while playing with his school friends in the villages around Bhairahawa. He quickly became a cricket tycoon at the local level and started getting invited to play in matches across the region.

When the Lumbini Khukuri Club was established in 2027 B.S, Thapa and other players and sports lovers from Bhairahawa and Belhiya joined the club, which benefited the youth and new players of the region. Thapa participated in national-level matches in Nepal as well as regional matches in the Western Zone, currently Lumbini Province, and in professional leagues.

Although he was not in the national team, Thapa continued to teach cricket to school students and joined different organizations to do various creative works in this field.

During the time that Thapa was out of the national team, he was busy with his starting club, Lumbini Khukuri, and continued to play the game. Later, as a responsible member of his family, he worked as a cricket coach for three years in the Sunshine Boarding Schools of Bhairawa. Thapa is currently working as a coach in an academy, and he started teaching cricket professionally along with former national players.

However, Thapa decided to take a 360-degree turn in his sports life journey and enter a completely different field. He got a job at the former Tinau Mission Development Bank when the bank was looking for a local youth with local branding while opening a new branch in Bhairahawa. The then branch manager, Narayan Aryal, who knew Thapa well and had played cricket with him, approached him to join the bank because he believed Thapa would be easy to market to the local community. Thapa accepted Aryal’s proposal and joined the bank. He is currently working in the Siddhartha Nagar branch of Nepal’s ‘A’ class Citizens Bank International Ltd. located in Bhairahawa.

When asked by a reporter whether he still plays cricket or not, Thapa said, “Cricket is in my father’s blood, and my father’s blood is also in my body. Cricket and I have a father and son relationship, and I can’t even think about not playing the game. I still go to the stadium when I find time to teach new brothers and sisters, participate in various seminars and games, and sometimes we also participate in games in the bank and corporate world.” He said that he got emotional when saying, “In the past, I used to play inside the pitch wearing Nepal’s jersey, but now I am playing outside.” Thapa led the region no. 4 Bhairahawa (currently state no. 5) from the senior team in domestic cricket too .

Conclusion :

Antim Thapa’s journey from a cricketer to a banker is an inspiring story of pursuing new opportunities and passions. Thapa’s success both on and off the field highlights the importance of hard work, dedication, and adaptability.

His story serves as a reminder that success can come from unexpected places, and that pursuing multiple interests and passions can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career. As a beloved figure in his community, Thapa’s journey is an inspiration to all those who seek to follow their dreams and make a positive impact on the world around them.

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